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Why MubarakRishte

Islam teaches us to take the easiest approach towards marriage in order to gain bliss and prosperity in this world and in hereafter. Marriage is considered as “Half of Our Deen.”

MubarakRishte adhere to the three ‘C’ Concepts to life: Chance… Choice… Change…!

We ask for a Chance to assist you in making your best Choice of selecting your better-half, with a promise of Change that will fill your life with Contentment and Prosperity!

By the grace of Allah, and by hard work of the entire team of MubarakRishte, today we are the most trusted Muslim Matrimony in Hyderabad! We stand as the best Muslim Marriage Bureau among hundreds and thousands of bureaus in Hyderabad – Telengana!

How We Work

When you connect with our lead department, they pen-down your specific to detailed requirements in person or through a phone call whatever is convenient. MubarakRishte don’t entertain hard copies of your pictures/bio-data. We work totally via email, whatsapp, mobile app (coming soon). The essence of personnel connection is in fact intact all the time!

Once we have your data, our operations team will take the charge of preparing your profile as per MubarakRishte standards, and follows up with you via email for the approval of your profile and our terms and conditions!

When the profile is approved, a Relationship Manager comes forward and takes the charge of selecting the best suitable matches as to meet your requirements as per MubarakRishte standards. We send a few profiles to you per your criteria, you will have to get back with ACCEPT the mail of the profiles you want to go ahead with. Once you show your consent for any profile, our RM Team will pitch in and seek their approval as well. If the profiles match from both ends, then meetings will be placed with mutual understandings. First meeting will be as per Bride side acceptance!

Management is available throughout the day to manage / guide staff & ensure all activities move on smoothly
We do not share contact details until both the sides select and agreed upon to meet each other. We don’t want any inconvenience!

It’s a request to the members registered with us to kindly adhere to the rules and regulations we follow!

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Our Tariff



  • Registration Fee 3,000
  • After Settlement Fee 25,000
  • Total 28,000
  • Validity Period 6 Months
  • Relationship Manager Yes
  • Followup Weekly



  • Registration Fee 15,000
  • After Settlement Fee 0
  • Total 15,000
  • Validity Period Unlimited
  • Relationship Manager Yes
  • Followup Weekly

Prime Plan


  • Registration Fee 7,500
  • After Settlement Fee 30,000
  • Total 37,500
  • Validity Period Unlimited
  • Relationship Manager Yes
  • Followup Special attention

Premium Plan


  • Registration Fee 5,000
  • After Settlement Fee 25,000
  • Total 30,000
  • Validity Period Unlimited
  • Relationship Manager Yes
  • Followup Weekly

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