We hire professionals with excellent competency for core parameters like – Trustworthiness, Discipline, Commitment and Honesty! Our team is trained to serve you with the best customer-care support. Pertaining to mubarakrishte, you will only experience the best of the best!


Lead is the front desk panel lay down for your assistance. Once a client is pre-registered through; or walk in through Print Advertising, through other marketing lay-outs etc. our Lead Department get into the mode of acquiring full profile details from our Clients. They prepare a data-base of full contact details, which in-turn assists all other departments in MubarakRishte.


The centre most process of managing the profiles – from Creating|Editing|Modifying| is the top most priority of operations team. Accepting and declining the mails, scheduling meeting mails, managing the whole data-base is not an easy task! We have the most flexible and versatile team placed with us who takes extreme care in the whole data management with Neatness and Precision!

RM - Relationship Manager

We are a fully accommodated brand consultant for make happen Rishtey, in Twin-Cities, we pay highest attention in building our team relations with our clients. There is a specific staff “Relationship Manager” is appointed for every Profile ID registered with us. The goal of RM is to make sure all your requirements are met, to get-together both sides of the alliances as to meet, to discuss, and to come to the best mutual terms possible.

PM - Profile Managers

Profile Managers plays an imperative role in screening the profiles RM Team handles, like that of Express Interest Management, Meeting Schedule of both families etc. A team of well experienced folk is pre-arranged to have a weighted grip over RM, Lead and operations Department so that the whole team of MubarakRishte works in profound discipline.

Our Staff