Our Tariff and Packages

‘All good things come with a price tag! And our price-tag is also Economical!’

We are The Most Trusted Muslim Matrimonial in Hyderabad,with Members Data-Base of Over 15,000+ prospective Muslim Brides and Grooms. The process of navigating profiles or Up-Fronting the Matches requires Professional Skills, expertise In marketing, best of convincing, Print Media, Call Expenses and so on. Likewise, we expect you to understand and not to request for Discounts or Free-Registrations.

We have categorized the Tariff Into 4-Sets of most Convenient / Economical Schemes. You can peruse these given schemes accordingly as per your profile and the type of proposals you are looking for. Also, you may need to see the validity period before selecting the Plan.

MubarakRishte very specifically Declares that finding a match and making an Alliance happen is not an easy process and it depends from profile to profile and type of proposals being preferred. Few Profiles may take very little time to settle and few takes a very long time and its not at all in our hands though we strive very hard to help every one to find the best suitable match at the earliest possible.

Irrespective of the plans you choose our service shall remain the same and professional for all our members. Matching preferences is the main criteria while we forward profiles to our members.

We request you to Read Our Terms and Conditions / Process Page before you Register with Us.


  • Registration Fee 3,000
  • After Settlement Fee 25,000
  • Total 28,000
  • Validity Period 6 Months
  • Relationship Manager - Yes
  • Followup Weekly

Under this package, you will have to get registered with Rs 3,000 as registration fee, to enjoy the services on weekly basis (Once in every week, Relevant Matches are sent to your Dashboard ) for 200 Days!

You have to pay 25,000 after your alliance is matched, please do not forget to keep us posted so that your Profile is deleted from our database

Once the period of 6 Months lapse, you will have to get profile renewal in order to continue with our service, as this plan is only valid for 6 Months.


per 6 Months
New Member


  • Registration Fee 15,000
  • After Settlement Fee 0
  • Total 15,000
  • Validity Period Unlimited
  • Relationship Manager - Yes
  • Followup Weekly

Get registered by paying Just Rs 15,000 and receive Unlimited validity! This plan is designed in order to assist you with services on weekly basis (Once in every week, relevant Matches are sent to users Dashboard).

we are enjoined to provide you with suitable alliances, and assist you choosing the best of the best matches until the profile registered is settled / expires validity.

Once the marriage is fixed and both sides are content with the match; you are required to pay Rs Zero as final settlement.

We recommend you to go with this plan as proposal matching is not an easy process and may take time. Validity of Unlimited is quite reasonable time In Shaa Allah and we'll strive towards the best match.


per Unlimited
New Member

Prime Plan

  • Registration Fee 7,500
  • After Settlement Fee 30,000
  • Total 37,500
  • Validity Period Unlimited
  • Relationship Manager - Yes
  • Followup Special attention


Under this package, you will have to get registered with Rs 7,500 as Registration Fee, and our team would strive towards finding the best for you! This package is designed to prioritize not only the special attention but also try to provide you with profiles frequently as and when available as per your preference, it also maintains your profile privacy.

Relationship Manager will be working on your profile regularly, Special attention is given to this Registration Plan Holder. A Special Team who is professional, Senior and knows how to serve high Profile members like you are assigned for this type of Registration.

Once the settlement is agreed upon, you are requested to make the full-payment of Rs 30,000, irrespective of date of Engagement or Marriage.

This package lasts for Unlimited period (Until Alliance is Matched)


per Unlimited
New Member

Premium Plan

  • Registration Fee 5,000
  • After Settlement Fee 25,000
  • Total 30,000
  • Validity Period Unlimited
  • Relationship Manager - Yes
  • Followup Weekly

This scheme is specialized to meet the perfect match for you. You may be looking for a very particular type of alliance for your beloved Son / Daughter which may take time to find the best out of the best.

Especially the late & second marriages profiles are suggested to take ONLY this Plan. We admit that Its not an easy work out to find the proper alliance for this type of proposals and the time period required is not in our hands at all.

This plan sums up to a total amount of 30,000/-

An amount of 5,000 is to be paid at the time of Registration,by which you'll be entitled to receive the best yet suitable matches on a weekly basis(Once in a week, to the respective users Dashboard.)

Once we find you the perfect match and the settlement is agreed upon,You are required to make the payment of the rest 25,000,irrespective of the date of Engagement or marriage.

We will be at your service on Weekly Basis until the profile registered is settled, As this package carries a special feature, that is unlimited Validity.


per Unlimited
New Member