About Us


Our prime focus is to assist our Ummah in taking the most crucial path of building the foundation of a life-time commitment among two righteous souls made by Allah (SWT) through modesty, expertise and perseverance Allah (SWT) has rested in us.

we will be integrating best Sunni Muslim Proposals in Hyderabad, and the Hyderabadis residing around the globe We have been working as Muslim Matrimony in Hyderabad since 2009, and in last couple of years we have elevated as the Best Muslim Matrimonial services provider in Hyderabad, catering all elite alliances in a standardized and dignified MubarakRishte style.


Marriage is considered as Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and we as Muslims must adhere to the teachings of our RasoolAllah. With a prime aim of helping our community to settle the struggles of choosing the right lifepartner, we MubarakRishte feel obliged to make-happen the best suitable alliances for our Ummah!

We believe in systematic functioning with all underlining disciplines what mostly our older-generation lookout for. Connecting with us is an effortless process, just click on Pre-Register Now to get started, tell us basically what all your requirements are, in life-Partner for yourself, your son/daughters, sister/brothers or any other relations…

Founder of MubarakRishte

MubarakRishte was set up by Mohammed Maqdoom Shahnawaz. The 45yr old gentleman worked in top-notch organisations before starting MubarakRishte. After travelling around the globe and acquiring vast experience about management and people skills, Mr.MaqdoomShahnawaz decided to contribute his efforts to the Muslim community by putting his skills to good use. And the seed of the noble thought process resulted in the fruit called MubarakRishte.