Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions / Process - MubarakRishte Matrimonial Consultants

1. Member is informed that MubarakRishte Matrimonial Consultants is an online portal www.mubarakrishte.com designed / operated to make members view profiles conveniently by visiting our online portal but unlike other matrimonial portals members can not search / view profiles - photos by themselves. Profiles registered here are uploaded in our portal for easy navigation.

2. Member has appointed / authorized MubarakRishte Matrimonial Consultants to Search, Counsel and Communicate the proposals and does not have any objection to sharing their profile through Online Portal, E-Mails, and any other source until a suitable alliance is found / until validity is expired.

3. By the Payment of Registration fee you are eligible to receive profiles based upon the availability of profiles in the database. Member must understand we do not produce profiles and we can not compel other side to Accept the proposal but we can always counsel to the best of our capacity but also declares we have our own limitations. We declare very clearly matching an Alliance is the Most Difficult Job . MubarakRishte assures its services / efforts to the member but never Guarantee to match an Alliance. It can happen only with the mutual consent of both families and we are just a platform for this noble cause.

4. Members will NOT have any objection to receive notifications, E-Mails, SMS, telephone calls even if you are DND subscriber.

5. Members shall be polite with the management, staff and while talking and meeting the other side of proposal during the course of search of alliance and any Misbehavior shall lead to cancellation of Membership without refund.

6. Member will cooperate and be patient until we find your preferred Bride or Groom which may take its own course of time and efforts. The more your expectations are from the other side difficult it will become to find your preferred match. A little compromise is always recommended / advisable while searching for an alliance and living a married life

7. Service / Validity period will be provided according to the Registration Plan opted by the Member. Fee once paid is Non Refundable and Non Transferable.

8. MubarakRishte Matrimonial Consultants is not responsible for the verification of any Bride or Groom and member shall enquire on their own. Also we the management / staff make it very clear that we do not know any member personally.

9. The information provided in profile or during conversation is as provided by the member and MubarakRishte Matrimonial Consultants does not authenticate any information and shall not be held responsible both in this word and hereafter. You shall enquire by yourself before proceeding / finalizing the Proposal.

10. Once Fee is paid Members shall receive SMS with login id and password on their provided mob no. With the help of the same you shall enter into www.mubarakrishte.com / operate your Dashboard which is user friendly and convenient to be used by anyone. Your continues not login to dashboard for 15 days and no clicks as Accept / Decline will compel us to temporarily deactivate your profile. This is done only to stop forward of other profiles to you and your profile to others.

11. Dashboard: Team MubarakRishte is highly professional and trained in finding matches as per your preferences will start assisting you on your dedicated day and shall forward matching profiles to you in your www.mubarakrishte.com Dashboard as For Your Selection

12. For Your Selection: Suitable Profiles as per your Preferences / understandings are forwarded on your Dedicated Day by your assigned Relationship Manager. You may Accept or Decline at your own discretion. If you Accept then your Profile is Immediately / automatically sent to other side as Expressed Interest.

13. Expressed Interest: Your Profile is Accepted by other side and waiting for your Accept or Decline. If you Click Decline other side is notified but if you click Accept then Proposal is taken to Next Level of Both Side Accepted

14. Both Side Accepted: Once your Profile is landed in this section of Dashboard a formal Meeting between two families is important so that proposal can be seriously considered by both families and come to the conclusion.

15. Meeting: Relationship Managers will play their role and and a Meeting shall be initiated / arranged with the consent of both members. Only Now Contact Details are shared for communication and a formal meet at the convenience of face to face / video call or any other type as convenient to both the families.

16. Members are requested not to take snapshots of profiles and forward to others. Please respect the confidentiality of other members.

17. Once a Meeting is arranged and contact details are shared it becomes important that both families meet each other respectfully. Frequent Cancellation of Meetings without valid reasons after both side Accept may lead to the cancellation of Membership.

18. The information and Contact Numbers of the Members we share with you should be kept Confidential and you shall not share with anyone else.

19. MubarakRishte Matrimonial Consultants is against Dowry System and shall never involve in such negotiations between families. If both families wants to give and take will be at their own responsibility and risks. Please do not ask or expect staff / management to negotiate on your behalf. Also it is a Crime as per the constitution of India and prohibited in Islam

20. Final Settlements Fee is payable Immediately after the Alliance matched irrespective of the date of Engagement / Marriage. Please do not expect Discounts or walk away for free. Remember it will become payable in Aakhirat.

21. If in case, Alliance is found by member through any other source, Member shall intimate MubarakRishte Immediately so that Profile is Deleted and is not shared with others.

22. Member confirms / agreed to all the Terms and Conditions of MubarakRishte.com

23. Any dispute that may arise is restricted to the Jurisdiction of Hyderabad only.