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Created at : 2020-02-12 18:58:52



Often we imagine a life that is perfect. A life full of love, loved ones’ affection, smiles and no sorrows or grief. A life straight out of a fairy tale. But sometimes we forget what makes any ordinary life a sweet life.

We so casually ignore that important thing that makes a life worth living, a love worth deserving.

The Expression of Love.

We need to show our affection to our loved ones if we want to be loved. Unless the love is expressed, how would one know if love exists at all?

Love is intangible. It is not an object that can be bought to prove that you love the other person. It is a feeling that needs to be said, communicated and expressed.

Imagine you, as someone’s loved one, say your mom’s child or your husband’s wife, walk into their room and the first thing they say is – ‘What happened to your face? It looks dull’ or your husband complains, ‘why are you wearing this yellow color. You should have worn red’ or worse still, your friend or sister remarks, ‘look at your eyeliner. It is all smudged’.

It is understood that these instant and spur of the moment remarks are purely spontaneous. They don’t mean our family does not love us or they are not happy to see us but these general statements about how we appear to them at the first sight, makes us feel vulnerable and unaccepted.

It feels that they have failed to look beyond what we are carrying in terms of appearance. It feels we are just a body to them and not the soul with which we feel connected with them.

It has happened with me several times.

It is up to you how you do it. Some say it explicitly. They say ‘I love you’ in clear terms. Some show it by acts of service; they do things for their lovers. Yet others adopt even more subtle ways of expressing their affection to their loved ones.

When you love someone, you love them. You feel happy for them always. You want to be with them. You want to see them. You want them and not their clothes or good looks.

Your love and affection for them depends on who they are and not how they look for love is so much more and beyond just appearances.

So Light up. Cheer up. Smile because they are there. And this is the best way to show affection to the ones you love.