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Created at : 2020-04-11 16:11:39



hardships are a part of our lives! 
If there are no hardships then one would not know the value of happiness. However hardships are a blessing in disguise.

Everyone--and I mean everyone--goes through hard times, regardless of whether they admit it or not. Yet, regardless of what kind of struggle we might be going through, it can be really difficult to see it as a good thing at the moment. We might feel caught up in circumstances, or alienated from those around us due to our inability to be as happy as other people feel.

No matter what your current hardship is, however, it's important you continue to believe that whatever you're going through will only help you grow enormously. Here's why.

1. You'll end up more grateful for what you do have

Although many of us know that we'll miss things more when they get taken away, few of us are able to keep that in the front of our minds when we feel like we have very little to hold onto.

If you're in a place in your life where you feel like you've lost most of the things that make your life positive--don't lose hope. When you get through it, you'll realize just how much more appreciative you've become of things you do have.

2. You learn so much more about yourself in the process

When our outside world feels unstable, we're usually forced to reflect within in a way that we wouldn't otherwise be pushed to--an action that we don't usually do when things are going well. Maybe you've just lost someone you considered a close friend, in between jobs, or dealing with various issues in your family.

Regardless of what you might be battling with, when things aren't necessarily going right, this pushes us to re-evaluate what we really want, how we want to get there, and what truly matters to us.

3. You find people who are truly able to support you

Even though surface-level friendships are very easy to have, there's something to be said about a friend that sticks with you through the tough parts of your life--not just the easy ones. Having people we can grab lunch with or meet at a bar is great, of course. But when you need more support than what an easy night out gives, you're forced to dig deeper and discover the people who know you can always count on. Is there anything better than that?

In the end, I'd like to conclude by urging each one of you to stay strong be it whatever you should know it's just a phase and it'll pass like any other, don't be dishearted and let yourself down, you'll make it through I promise.

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