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Created at : 2020-03-18 22:23:04



By breaking out into a smile, you could enhance your own health and happiness as well as those around you.  

Children are known to smile as much as 400 times a day, but sadly this declines substantially by the time we reach adulthood. Studies show that a happy individual smiles around 40-50 times a day.

1. Smiling Helps Your Heart

The action of smiling helps to relax you, which in turn slows your heart down and lowers your blood pressure. Ultimately, a simple smile could reduce your chances of experiencing heart disease later in life.

2. Smiling Improves Your White Cell Count

A positive mood which includes a smile helps the body to release extra white blood cells than it would in someone whose mood was negative or indifferent. White blood cells are essential for the immune system, as they help protect the body from disease and other physical health conditions.
3. It’s contagious

I love to see others with a smile on their faces. Sometimes my facial expressions seem very perplexed, but when I see another person with a smile on their face it changes my facial expression to a smile. A smile without words, goes a long way. Try it sometime, you will start a contagious smile chain.

4. It makes you more attractive.

Whether it’s being attractive for another or just you, it’s a good feeling. Admire your body and your intelligence. What’s on the inside makes you the most attractive, so let that light that shines within show to others.

5. Keeps those positive vibes infiltrating your life and those around you.

Positive vibe tribe! (self explanatory) A smile will help attract those around you too you and you will all feed off of each others positive vibes. It will be a contagious smile squad.

6. Because life’s too short not to smile.

I learned the “life’s too short” lesson the hard way a few years back when we lost my Dad unexpectedly. Losing my Dad gave me a whole new perspective on life, simply put, “life’s too short.” Smiling in this too short of life we have will get you a heck of a lot farther than frowning, and it will make you feel better. Live your best life guys.

7. Because no one is perfect.

As much as we would like to think we are perfect, we aren’t, and we know this, however sometimes our imperfections make us frown. Do NOT frown. Embrace the imperfection and learn from it, all while putting a smile on your face.

8. It relieves STRESS

Let’s face it we all have stress in our lives on a daily basis. Some of us handle it better than others, but no matter how you handle it, wouldn’t it be nice to elevate it a bit more. Smiling will do that. Yes, putting a smile on your face will help that stress level go down. Nothing instantaneous, but something to think about. The more you smile the less stressed you are likely to be.