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What are the qualities of a good wife?

Created at : 2018-11-05 15:22:41


What are the qualities of a good wife?

Our Noble Prophet Mohammed (SAS-Peace be upon him) said: 
1.When a woman goes Out, she seeks the permission of her husband (Saheeh)
2. She is always grateful for the little her Husband gives her.
3. She is always ready to obey her husband.
4. She always treats her husband first before her families.
5. She looks care of his children and what he leaves behind for her.
6. Nothing moves from the home without the knowledge of her husband.
7. A Muslim wife never exposes her beauty for people to admire except her Husband.
May Allah guides us all and grant our wives these qualities.

What are the qualities of a good wife?
•    Many of relations gets spoil if any of the person Lies
•    Maintaining a transparency in the relationship no matter what.
•    Try being better when with each other.
•    Hindering our Partner while they are targeting something to achieve might create disturbance in personnel life.
•    Helping each other for maintaining family relations will help you live a peaceful life
•    Create small goals to work and achieve together 
•    When you are humble to him, he will surely becomes a humble man with you
•    Try to live within the available income whatever he is earning
•    Listening and following your Life Partner either it be his wisdom or words, will always keeps you Happy and safe
•    Dressing up for your partner, for him will not only make you happy but it will keep the essence of the relationship between a Muslim Couples
•    Creating pretty atmosphere with things Clean around will make a relationship Admirable
•    Making food for him, taking care of his requirements will surely make you get close to him
•    If Taking care of the Children and family in his absence
•    Taking care of his Money and assets
•    Making sure that your partner eats and sleeps well
•    Maintain unwanted words or secrets which may spoil your bonding is always recommended
•    Standing with your partner during crises or when he is Upset will definitely help you get the most special place in his life
•    Positive involvement while your spouse achieves and in his happiness can make you much wanted in his life
•    Any kind of humiliation in the relationship may get you dishonoring from your Life Partner each time we disagree with the person living with us it is quite possible that he may lost interest in your companionship
•    Making your Soul mate satisfied makes Allah (SWT) happy and it will also get you what you love