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Points To Consider While Choosing a Partner

Created at : 2018-10-31 17:35:31

Author Name: Sobiya Juveriya

Points To Consider While Choosing a Partner



1.    We love the person we marry for more than their appearance for Muslim Brides and Grooms when you talk about Marriage in an Islamic Way   
2.    When we start knowing someone we admired it will make us love them for their way of thinking, inner beauty, overall essence and the way they are
3.    Once we find someone, we consciously/subconsciously wanted to know them further start observing their behavior and attitude towards the situations 
Like for example: If we personally experience their behavior of they being rude to the waiter, speaks ill of others, is rude to you, etc.  But it does not mean that they carry a bad character?”
4.    We should never judge people from their family, background, education, belief system, etc. By Asking in a humble way we can understand what the person is and his/her Likes and Believes.  
5.    Ask questions like: 
“What does it mean to have a simple lifestyle?” 
“What are your expectations of marriage?”  
“How would you help around the house?” 
Compare your definition with theirs
6.    It’s always better to be flexible and open-minded! While knowing the person you want to get married it will help you not only know each other but also help in future Married life to be happy
7.    Giving each other a happy married Life should not be confused with martyrdom. It should be about taking pleasure and seeing the other person as happy as you want to be with them because of your affection with them.
8.    Morality and spirituality are the qualities which truly define a person in addition to beauty, money or anything else.  
9.    A morally upright, spiritual Muslim will stand by your side during adversity and hardship.  If someone is not Allah (
swt) conscience and do not take themselves into account with Allah (swt) then think why should you expect them to fulfill their rights owed to you? 
10.    The ideal partner is someone who considers giving again, support, always be a helping hand and never causes harm unless there comes a helpless situation, they will not think of causing a loss
11.    When you have a mutually shared spiritual relationship will foster a successful marriage. A successful marriage is one which respects of the family which requires a certain degree of self-control or discipline.
12.    As well as the belief that the physical side of the relationship includes the spiritual and emotional side as well.  
13.    Finding a balance between the spiritual and emotion is a key for a successful
Muslim Marriage in Islam.