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10 Differences between Muslim Husband & Wife

Created at : 2018-11-05 18:41:03


10 Differences between Muslim Husband & Wife

10 Differences between Muslim Husband & Wife:

Men use the left side of our brain predominately and women are more balanced between hemispheres. Focus of a Husband is mostly on a particular thing at a time till he completes and Wife does multi task which makes her postpone certain things and few on time

Another distinct difference between men and women is their approach towards money. 
For example:
While shopping Husband hardly hesitates making any amount of payment but where as women keeps bargaining. Husbands and wives always have various motivations purchasing things of which best is to Communicate and stay in budget.

In a Married relationships Wife build through sharing emotions and Husband prefer sharing activities – doing things together

It’s generic that Husband and Wife speak different languages. The major difference between men Muslim Couple in their communication is their language is style. It would be helpful to start being aware of the difference and adapting each other’s style which encourages your Spouse to do the same for you. 

Like everything else men and women needs differing between a Muslim Husband and wife and for maintaining a smooth relation proper analyzing is required. When one needs a apple we cannot offer watermelon and demand them to be happy with it. Communication is required to understand and fulfill one another’s needs and interests.

Every Human has Values and Believes. A Wife may like things in kept neat and tidy but Husband might be ok with whatever. The longer a Muslim Husband and wife shares a relation of married life, more values get aligned and patience is the only key helps you understand each others values

Husband has different ways of getting Encouraged compared to Wife. A female wishes to Nurture and Connect where as men feel content in Protecting and defending their loved ones, which leads Men anticipate failure and women fear isolation. 

Like Men and women are motivated by differently their responses also differs. Getting respect for the household authority how does one respond? 
Now compare that to how you respond when disrespected? For a man dishonoring makes them fight and when a wife gets into stressful situation taking her into isolation which makes her act on it either by sharing or blasting over the talk. Such reactions between couples often cause chaos than serenity, this develops gaps in relations.

Men and Women enjoy things differently. Like, participation in competitive activities is higher in Males than that of Females and female loves involving much relational activities. 

Marriage in Islam is a blissful bond between two opposite creatures, for a Muslim couple important to cater one another. More a Muslim Husband give her emotionally, makes women give you visually. 
With so many differences Husband and Wife establishes Long Lasting bonds.