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Key to Win Wife’s Heart

Created at : 2018-10-13 16:14:38

Author Name: Sobiya Juveriya

Key to Win Wife’s Heart


Prophet Mohammed (sas) on the way to his last pilgrimage recited the praise of Allah and delivered advice to the audience:

“O People (Believers)! Listen, always accept virtuous in favour of wives. They are like Possessions. Beware Men have same rights as wives have on them.

(Translated by Tirmidhi)

Islam gives equivalent privilege to both Husband and Wife on one another, Wives are considered as Priced Possessions for Husband. We need to take good care of them (wives).

Muslim Marriages are mostly arranged, when Bride and Groom are tied in a Devine Relation “Nikah”; Allah (swt) fill their Hearts with immense Love and Respect towards each other. We need to nurture the love among ourselves, for that we should treat our Wives rightly the Way Our Prophet Muhammad (sas) and Islam have taught us.

Respect: The Prophet Muhammed (sas) used to treat His Wife and her Relatives with Enormous Respect. “When Amer Bin Al-Aas asked the Prophet (sas):

Who is the Dearest of you?

He answered: (Aisha),

Amer said: I mean from men. He replied: (Her father).”

(Ref: Al Bukhari, Source- Al-Jame’ Al-Sahih)

Winning Hearts needs nothing but Respecting the Individual, the same is applicable if you want to win your wife’s heart, you should give her the Respect she deserves.



Couples who have learned to communicate effectively do away with the majority of marital stress because they become so attuned to each other’s feelings that they can immediately sense the Emotional state of their partner through the slightest change in words or tone. Our beloved Aisha (r.a) described it so beautifully that in anger; happy, loving a Muslim spouse never desert anything more than each other’s name when they try to communicate that they feel hurt. They never desert love and respect for each other in conflict

Family Time...Quality TIme: 

Nothing can be more rewarding in both the worlds than that of spending time with Family. Which develops Trust, Love & Respect for each other. A True Muslim always find peace and enjoyment at home with their own families by spending time from your schedule, Playing with the & Making them feel special 

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “When a Muslim spends something on his family, intending to receive Allah’s reward, it is regarded as the charity for him.” (Bukhari)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Any act devoid of the remembrance of Allah is void except four: shooting, training a horse, playing with one’s family and swimming.

(Recorded by Bayhaqi and at-Tabarâni with a good chain of narrators)


A Muslim wife occupies a special place in society and  Islam considers her fulfillment of matrimonial duties as a form of jihad (striving for the sake of Allah). Without physically engaging in the battlefield, a wife is given the opportunity to earn the reward towards the cause of Allah. Our spouses are an immense favor and blessing of Allah upon us and are an irreplaceable source of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical comfort.

Allah says ..and live with them(Wives) in kindness…” (Al-Quran 4:19)


Helping Your Wife With Household Chores (cooking by chopping vegetables or in cleaning, washing, etc.) is a Sunna,  Any man that sees it beneath him or is too arrogant to help his wife around the house is acting against the Sunnah and is guilty of chauvinistic behavior. 

The best of you is the one who is best to his wife, and I am the best of you to my wives.” (Tirmidhi; Ibn Majah)

Be Friendly/Generous: 

When she departs from her Parent’s house and moves in your house, it is your responsibility to take care of her. Making her comfortable by being friendly with her, a good friendship makes for a happy partnership. Share what you like with your spouse also find things you both like. Show generosity towards your partner.

With Reference to a Hadith - The Prophet (SAW) said: “The believers who show the most perfect faith are those who have the best morals, and the best of you are those who are the best to their wives.” (Al-Tirmidhi)