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The Quest For Right Husband & Right Wife

Created at : 2018-11-07 18:43:15


The Quest For Right Husband & Right Wife

Marriage itself today has become a quest as every individual is in search of MR. Right & Mrs. Right with zeal of having a perfect Marriage Relation; this had turned another big reason why Marriages fail.

Perfect Husband or a Perfect Wife nevertheless can be found unless we ourselves compromise with the other person we are in Marital Relation with. Allah (SWT) had created Men & Women with some or the other defect, Imperfection is Natural. There is nothing in the whole universe which is perfect unless we start Admiring and liking it by accepting the way it is. Unless continuous Effort put in to grow relationship with Sacrifice, compromises, Humbleness, Care, Respect, Concern and features like this we will never have a Happily Married Life.

It is not that one should never have a Partner preference, but expecting things always in the right way right manner and especially Righteous Partner is unnatural. You may like a person with his/her appearance but cannot take guarantee of him/her being well mannered, you can get the most handsome man but he might be a bluffer. A lady quite pious to look at might not be implementing laws in life.

It is better to have partner preferences like Religious, Good / Sound Family Background, Education, Finances, Beautiful/Handsome looking but should not get stubborn over our Likes and dislikes. This can only make us lose our beloved ones. 

Good great beliefs in only depending on our feelings can’t prove that we have got a perfect Life partner. Whereas the focus should be basically on focusing on what reality is, but if people continue getting married on the basis of what we really looking for in our Soulmate it is like we are simply setting ourselves up for failure. Accepting the one wholeheartedly I will give you the essence in your Married Life. Today Most of the Marriages ending up with a belief that the only key for a Happily a Married Life is simply finding the right partner.