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Sunni Muslim Groom | Sunni Muslim Groom in Hyderabad

Created at : 2018-08-29 18:49:40

Author Name: Mudassir Fatima

 Sunni Muslim Groom | Sunni Muslim Groom in Hyderabad

 Sunni Muslim Groom | Sunni Muslim Groom in Hyderabad


Islam declared man as the sustainer over his family – his wife and kids…

"Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded." (4:34)

One of the major look-out for a Perfect Sunni Muslim Groom in today’s time is to follow what rules and guidelines laid in Islam. From giving testimony to being a wali – Mahram to leading congregation to having the upper hand of marrying about four times, to declaring the separation, to having the inheritance and even the nobility of Prophet-hood… Men always stand a lead, an emperor, as a shield a protector! Allah has made Man more reasonable in handling the affairs, dealing with worldly matters. Men have been given the role of protectors and maintainers for the two reasons mentioned in the Quran, one of which is inherent i.e., Allah has made men superior to women, and the other of which is acquired by the man through his own hard work, providing her in the matter of physical, financial and emotional support.


To be more loving and caring…


It is said by Prophet (PBUH) - "The words of a man who tells his wife, with love and tenderness, should never leave her heart. And “The best among you are the ones who are good to their wives”.

It is considered Sunnah, to treat your women justly. Islam is the religion of peace, promoter of love and affection. Sunnah of our Rasool Allah has laid so many perfect examples for the men of belief, with righteous faith, in order that they set examples for generations to come.  Whether it is the matter concerning the Household Chores, or taking care of his family needs, men are more than liable to provide a helping hand to their women. Allah said “and we have created you in Pairs” and both the sides of a coin must equally be a reliable source, in order that the weigh Allah has balanced this concept of companionship sound just.   A better Sunni Muslim Groom to be is the one who shows more of his emotional side than his masculinity, to give strength to her weaker times, to stand with an armor of emotions and understanding more than all the wealth and material security of this world. A true Muslimah would always look up to you for your generosity and humbleness while deciding to walk with you in the realm of togetherness. Be more concerned with honoring her - not gaining wealth to impress her, be Gentle with her – not boasting your masculinity, be forgiving – not to pile on every responsibility onto her, be humble, be lenient towards her as she completes half your deen!


Manage Parenting Together...


One essential characteristic to check while seeking Sunni Muslim Groom is to make sure he’s up for providing equal support to his family to be, and this can be done by screening on his mannerism, his upbringing, his parental support and concerns for him, as it all matter of inheritance, it is the Man who is the backbone of his lineage!  One of the acts of kindness towards your wife is you supporting her in every matter of your children’s upbringing… be it staying awake long nights while supporting an infant child, to dealing with grown-up tantrums to deciding about their schooling and career plans, to their most important life decisions. Man and wife both are equally responsible to balance this juggle of parenting. It is an ethical, human and Islamic duty of both parents to properly bring up their children in order to raise good Muslims and family members.  - While a ‘mother is more sensitive and positive in his upbringing, a father is the role model every child look upon”.

If you are the father of the Bride to be, you want to choose a better partner for your daughter, your sister or your friend, take a sensible advise – stop discriminating over worldly gains, their physical heaviness and weight of their bank-balances, their share about their family wealth, their Masters and Doctrines...what truly matter is how he is going to nurture his companionship with your beloved girl, how he’s going be a sustainer, a shield for her in all the matters justly – not too little and certainly not too much – of physical, financial, emotional and spiritual support.  Choose the one who stands firmly on the righteous Sunnah ways of our beloved Prophet PBUH, who is best in Akhlaaq, is best in deen and Duniya!