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Marriage and The Treasure Box

Created at : 2018-11-09 21:09:16

Author Name: Sobiya Juveriya

Marriage and The Treasure Box

Marriage and The Treasure Box:

I live with my Parents, sister, and Brother, at city outskirts as my Father has Rose Business we have Nurseries too. We have been brought up in the same house, every now and then there use to be fought between my parents. Each time it happened Mother use to pluck flowers from the garden and father kept shouting over her. Our childhood was always got effected with our parent's fights, as she became a patient of depression but never let it come to us.

As kids, we always use to check/disturb things in and around a home. During which we discovered a beautiful antique box belonging to our Mother, she never opened it before us or our Father also never let us touch, we always were curious to open it and we named it Momma’s Treasure Box. We all three had different opinions with regards to Box.

I used to think it must be full of her Jewelry; my siblings use to think it must full of money, important papers and what not and our Father use to say it’s something strange she might have got it from her Mother’s Home for Fun.

We all three have grown up now but our mother is quite unhealthy and is completely bedridden. She wanted me and my sister to get married and found alliance with the help of Marriage Makers. We both are getting married next month. The day our Marriage got fixed, Mother called all three of us and asked me to get the Box from her Cupboard, to look at the Box was too decorative and heavy but when I took it in my hands it seemed to be weight loss. She then asked me to open it, by then all of us including my father were curious to see what could be there.

Father said: So finally you have decided to share the treasure between kids but we all remained shocked when we opened the as there was nothing but Dry roses.

My mother then told my Father: "My dear Love, each time I got hurt by you and Kids I use to pluck a rose from your garden and use to safeguard it. Reason being I never wanted the essence of love between the family to go away".

The saving of plucked flowers helped me get patience in building relations strong. Each time I got disturbed or go away from my roles and responsibilities. These Flowers kept me realizing of memories and bonding I have with you all.

Saying so she died… My father was left with no words …He realized he had spread the fragrance across the world with his rose Business but had taken away freshness, fragrance, and happiness we all could have got as a family, instead of their Unhappy Marriage.

With her death, it all remained in the mysterious Treasure Box holding all the unpleasant which could have ruined our lives.